Sarah Pittendrigh writes book 3

Sarah Pittendrigh to share her story in a book

“So much of what was restricting my clients from achieving their full purpose was their lack of self belief/confidence and much of it stemmed from when they were children!”

I understand first hand, do you?

“From Breaking Down to Breaking Through ~ The I CAN Method ™️”

I am writing a book, it’s like doing a highly concentrated version on myself of my “The I CAN Method”.

It has made me cry, alot, as it has opened some very deep wounds that I thought had healed, but by the reaction I was getting as I went through each chapter I realised I still had things to “address” ?

I am a constant work in progress ? but it’s all good, it’s growth.

My book starts by giving you an insight into my life growing up with horses and how an incident that left me feeling out of control and highly anxious, was triggered again when we lost our business in 2008.

I understand that a lot of the anxiety and self doubt I have carried in my adult life all came from my childhood.

It was stored in my subconscious and wouldn’t let go of it’s grip!

I find this with my clients too when we start working together and get digging into the roots of how they feel.

So much of what is restricting them from achieving their full purpose stems from when they were children.

The relief you get when you can pull out that deep root, the joy sucker and understand your anxiety, where it came from and why?

Well I can only describe it as like releasing a ball and chain.

My book will be raw, honest and bull ? free.

The first half about me and my bumpy journey, the second half is a step by step guide to my “The I CAN Method™️” so you can use it to help you break through any challenges you are facing.

If you are feeling held back, lacking confidence or full of self limiting beliefs, look at your timeline and work backwards. Can you think of the trigger?

I offer a complimentary discovery call of 30 minutes if you need to talk.

Have a great week.