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Motivational Speaker and Life and Business Coach to Women in Business.

Sarah Pittendrigh

In my role as a Life & Business Coach listening is key.


Incredible women like you, who come to me for support often spend their life listening to everyone else, making all the big decisions at home and work, huge responsibility on your shoulders and yet so very often you don’t have an outlet to share how you feel, or to be supported through your challenges. This is why I offer an experienced ear and the space for you to lean on me as a confidential sounding board.


Many of my clients are the bread winner for the family and the scaffolding keeping everyone together.  Wonderful empaths, the go to problem solver at home, along with being the head of the boardroom table in their business.  Does this sound familiar to you?


Empathy is a great quality in leadership, but if not managed can be the road to burnout as you become the “fixer” to all.


When you choose me as your coach and mentor, I allow you the space and time to release your pressure valve without compromising your authority amongst your peers and colleagues.


As a mum, and seasoned entrepreneur, a multi 6 figure investor and someone you can see has overcome huge adversity myself, I bring you comfort, wisdom and my proven breakthrough methodology The I CAN Method that leads you safely through the fog of overwhelm using empowering questions to encourage deep thinking and a fresh considered way of reframing the challenges you have laid out on my table.


We brainstorm, we chat, you share, I listen, I suggest, you consider, resulting in you having the clarity and confidence to move forward.


I offer exercises that will ignite creativity, reconnect you with the energy you felt waning and most of all I have the hindsight to help you breakthrough and realise opportunity in your business, or to claim your personal goals.


Life is too short to stay stuck, you deserve to realise your dreams and ambitions and I am excited to support you.


Fireside chat, with Sarah Pittendrigh

Bankrupt To Seven Figure Business Founder

“Like many others, life has thrown me some rather large curve balls, losing a  business of which I was a share holder and cancer to name but two…”


At 38, I became a bankrupt single mum and ended up on income support, having lost a seven figure business in the recession of 2008 where I was a Board Director. With our home repossessed I had to act swiftly and push my anxiety and self doubt to one side:


“I thought my life had ended when our business closed in 2008. With my home claimed in the bankruptcy and me and my son about to be evicted, I had no choice but to act. I reframed the way I looked at everything and I redesigned my whole life. I took control at 40!”

Press play to hear Sarah’s incredible story from bankruptcy to a seven figure business portfolio.

Sarah Jumping

You’re never too old, and it’s never too late to turn your I CAN’T into I CAN.

Working to live…

Creating a healthy balance

I live in a beautiful part of rural Northumberland alongside our extended family of horses, dogs, cat and hens! When I am not working, you’ll find me ringside supporting our son who is a professional equestrian.

“Heartfelt thank you”

“I remember saying to Sarah in our first session, ‘please don’t break me’. Little did I know I had no reason to worry. Not only did Sarah not break me, but she has helped me find a version of myself that I had only hoped existed. I have become the person that now has self-belief, confidence and a strong can-do attitude.


I have found the passion for my business that had started to fade due to a lack of confidence. I now feel ready to chase and achieve the dreams and goals that I once allowed myself to believe were not possible. All I can say is the most heartfelt thank you to Sarah, I cannot wait to continue working with you.”

– Gemma Hinze – Founder Moon Flower Events

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