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The I Can Method

The I Can Method


My memoir with a self study breakthrough journal included.


The memoir to inspire you with the experiences and lessons I have learned through my bumpy life, and to show you that you can breakthrough struggles and release yourself from self-limiting beliefs.


How I turned adversity into opportunity by forming a growth mindset and by facing my fears. If I can, YOU can.


Part 2 of The breakthrough journal is to show YOU how you CAN!


Using my 4 step methodology #TheICANMethod you will be guided through your journal with thought provoking questions and exercises to encourage you to challenge your thinking, think on a deeper and broader level and to help you see the opportunities that you could be overlooking in your day to day. To help you see a clear way forward to realise your goals.

Ignite Your I Can

Ignite Your I Can


A stand-alone Breakthrough Journal ~ my 4 step method to help you unravel, demist your vision and teach you how to bring your meaningful goals to you without causing overwhelm.


Ignite Your I Can uses the same methodology as The I Can Method but without the memoir.


You can use this method on any goal you have be it personal or professional. It works!

Audio Book - The I Can Method

The I Can Method Audio Coaching Book


Here I will read you my memoir and then as if you are sat with me, I will coach you through your 4 step Breakthrough Journal, my The I CAN Method™️ ~ taking you a way from a screen, no video call, no distractions.


Ideally you will listen in a favourite spot or while walking etc. and then breakout from each question to think, reflect and then later go to your journal and brain dump – write out what you are thinking – The lightbulb 💡 moments. Get it all out with raw honesty and I will help you to make a positive plan to move forwards with your meaningful goals.


Because … you are never too old and it’s never too late to design a life you love.

“I’m very excited to be writing my book with Eleanor Mills, a former editor of The Sunday Times and The Sunday Times magazine, which tells the story from breaking down to breaking through, my journey from bankrupt single mum to multi-award winning entrepreneur.


The book will be available to buy in the Autumn. Click here to join the waiting list.”

– Sarah Pittendrigh

Working with Sarah Pittendrigh

Executive one to one coaching programme



Confidential 121 mindset and group coaching programmes for CEOs and business owners.

Breakthrough guide tall

Your Self

Study Guides

Do the work at your own pace with The I CAN Method™ PDF guide and audio programme.

Inspirational Keynote Speaker Sarah Pittendrigh


Keynote Speaker

Watch Sarah’s inspirational showreel, see her speaking style and book her for your next event.

Sarah Pittendrigh Author - Book coming soon

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