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Modern life can be a minefield. It can feel as if, at every turn, a new obstacle, setback or just old-fashioned bad luck will be there to keep us stuck and unable to get to where we ought to be. When this happens consistently, we can even start to accept this as our truth which can lead us to believe that, quite simply, we can’t make changes, and at that point, we may simply stop trying.

If this resonates with you: you do not need to accept this as your reality.

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In The I Can Method, Sarah Pittendrigh maps your way back to personal and professional control, inspiration and excellence.

This is not just a theory but a personal journey that combines a brutally honest account of Sarah’s own trajectory, from personal lows, through seemingly endless adversity and ultimately out to a position of resolution, success and freedom.

This is not just an inspirational story but a methodology you can begin applying immediately. With clear and practical advice on how to stop imagining that you can’t and knowing that you can create the life you know you deserve.

The I Can Method is already being used internationally with incredible results for both businesses and individuals alike. The disarmingly simple yet cuttingly insightful principles can help you get to the core of what is limiting you and use that insight to make a genuine paradigm shift in your life.

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The I Can Method

My memoir with a self study breakthrough journal included.

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Ignite Your I Can

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My 4 step method to help you unravel, demist your vision and teach you how to bring your meaningful goals to you without causing overwhelm.

Reviews for The ‘I Can’ Method


‘I now feel ready to chase and achieve the dreams and goals that I once allowed myself to believe were not possible.’

Gemma Hinze

‘Not just a rags to riches memoir, Sarah’s method will change your life!’

Eleanor Mills

‘Sarah’s book is an easy read. Her story has elements which I’m sure will resonate with many of us. An excellent mix of painful truths and light hearted humour. Her story is inspirational and her techniques and methodology for self coaching are both sound and helpful.’

Andrea Layfield

‘The ‘I Can’ Method is a truly great read. Personal, raw, highly charged, and refreshingly down-to-earth, Sarah has drawn on her high-low back story to form the basis of her new, thought-provoking coaching method. In a world where success is so often associated with confidence & self-belief, Sarah’s honesty is music to my ears. It is often only through adversity that our true passions are discovered, allowing the darker moments, to give way to new inspirational thinking.

Sarah’s experience of allowing others to negatively shape her formative view of herself from an early age, is something many are impacted by. Her story is a valuable lesson that it is never too late to rewire your brain to confront the anxiety caused by lack of self-belief, in order to become the best version of yourself. No matter what age you are, this book is a great source of inspiration for those in need of a push to start building the future they dream of.’

Ali Heath

Loved this book as it was an incredibly honest thought provoking read. Simply written she describes how she found success out of adversity. She works out how to turn things round to make positives out of negatives . We all need to take time to work out what is important in life and make a plan for achieving our goals and sarah has provided a plan for us to do so. Brilliant book.

J A McGeorge

This book was extremely readable, I read it in one sitting. Accessible in recounting her early childhood and story, it is a retelling of where her anxiety originated from and the life events around it.
There is no self indulgence just an honest, straightforward story of adversity and then recovery. It was very relatable for those who have suffered with anxiety and had life challenges to cope with. What is inspiring is the knowledge that with determination and an idea, you can make things work but that the ultimate goal of success isn’t always the ‘stuff’ but relationships, people, somewhere to call home.

The ‘I can’ method in the latter stage of the book, is easily laid out and a good starting point to make you stop and think and assess.
If you feel you need some direction, then this book is a good prompt to help you on your way.


Such a relatable story. an anxiety sufferer myself I found this book gave me self help and coping methods whilst feeling secure in the knowledge I am not the only one with these feelings. Easy to ready and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your story Sarah

Vicky Smith

I just had to text as I opened your book around an hour ago. I’m on chapter 7 and I can’t put it down. You are so inspirational. Now I understand precisely why you are so safe, compassionate and wise to work with. Goodness me! You are such a role model. Im going in for the next 7 chapters now! Thank you 🙏 xx


A very inspiring read!Sarah Pittendrigh gives a very honest and physical account of her lifejourney. She is a born entrepreneur and, from an early age, has displayed the ability to make money. However, like us all, she has had her problems but shown remarkable courage and Stamina. An empowering coaching programme for all midlife women. An absolute must read. I couldn’t put this book down!

Katherine Charlton

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