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Free Life & Breakthrough Guide

From backing down to breaking through – how overwhelmed business-women juggling it all can go from feeling out of control in their personal and business life, to rediscovering freedom of time whilst hitting their big financial goals! Your next breakthrough is hiding behind these 3 self-limiting actions that you must acknowledge, face and then disconnect from as a business woman who wants more. The 3 hidden mindset shifts to breakthrough your self-limiting actions.

Why it’s so important to invest in yourself.

How to take control, build confidence and do what you were meant to do on this planet.

The counter intuitive way to empty your head from the residual debris from decades in the field of life and business, to create the necessary space for growth….. this totally surprises my 1-1 clients.

Ignite Your ‘I CAN’ Breakthrough Journal

My breakthrough journal, supported by The I CAN Methodology, is the “Strength Test” to find out how strong your foundation really is and to question is it you restricting you from realising your most meaningful goals. The aim for you is to identify any blocks and to break down any barriers to allow you to progress forward with your future plans. The breakthrough journal’s exercises encourage you to think on a deeper and broader level, switching your perspective and revealing how to achieve your goals through development of a growth mindset.


Filled with thought-provoking questions and exercises, this journal will guide you on your journey to realise your meaningful goals.

Reflect, Step back, look at the landscape. What is your why? Is there something holding you back? Ignite your purpose?

You will create a strategic plan following a success ladder of small steps to help you deliver your desired goal in a timely manner and without causing overwhelm

Audio Book

My biggest breakthroughs and lightbulb moments have hit me when I have stepped away from my desk and headed for the countryside, either walking or on my horse, away from interruption.


I want to take you away from your desk and chat to you as if I am in the room with you, 121, in your place of comfort whether it is walking in the countryside, sat at home in your comfy clothes with a soothing candle or wherever it is that will allow you to be interrupted so that you can focus on YOU.

Let me read you my story, guiding through an audio version of The I CAN Method™ programme, coaching you through a major change in your life and business.

This is not just a theory but a personal journey that combines a brutally honest account of Sarah’s own trajectory, from personal lows, through seemingly endless adversity and ultimately out to a position of resolution, success and freedom.

This is not just an inspirational story but a methodology you can begin applying immediately. With clear and practical advice on how to stop imagining that you can’t and knowing that you can create the life you know you deserve.