“Changed my life”

“This amazing lady mentored me and it changed my life. I will never forget our sessions, they were magic, moving and taught me so very much”

– Annabel Beeforth, Founder Love My Dress and Co Founder What About Weddings

Annabel Beeforth
Guy Cohen

“No hesitation”

“I had the pleasure of speaking to Sarah as part of our internal TT Electronics Leadership Webinar Series. Sarah was incredibly engaging and her personal experiences and message landed close to the heart for many of the 400 people who attended the session. She truly is an inspirational person and I would have no hesitation recommending her or working with her again.”

– Guy Cohen, VP Talent Management, TT Electronics Plc

“Paid dividends”

“If like me you feel like your life is one big hamster wheel and there is no way of stopping to enjoy the better things in life, then I would highly recommend speaking to Sarah.


I was fortunate to come across Sarah just at the right time and so pleased that I did. Not only has being coached by Sarah changed my life by showing me how to enjoy more time, but has also paid dividends (quite literally).”

– Craig Smith, Founder The Printed Bag Shop

Craig Smith

Certainty & positivity

“As both an International Equestrian/Rider and CEO of a full on business, Sarah has been a huge help through a challenging time for me.


By talking through day to day organisation and priorities in every day life, and across all my business areas in very logical process, Sarah has enabled be to make some great decisions that have helped me move forward personally, with my equestrian career and in all areas of my business.


I finished the initial course of 6 weeks with certainty in my mind of a plan to move.” forwards with positivity and great excitement!”

– Name withheld for confidentiality


“Sarah’s support has been utterly transformational for me and my business. I absolutely relished my time being mentored by her – after every session, I would come away with sparkling new insights and a very real sense of what I was capable of and increased self confidence. Sarah has provided me with the tools to be able to focus ON my business, evolving, developing, strategising – rather than allowing myself to be run BY my business.


She is incredibly sharp and intelligent, sometimes hard talking but always honest, compassionate and empathetic. I can genuinely say that I feel I have benefited beyond any expectation from having been coached by Sarah. I have also gained a trusted confidante and champion for me and my business.”

– Annabel Beeforth, Founder Love My Dress and Co Founder What About Weddings

Gifted and rigorous coach

“I have been running a successful interiors business for the past 15 years and while many aspects were going well, I kept coming up against the same obstacles time after time. I was also at a point whereby my children were needing less hands-on time allowing me to invest time in myself and in the business.


I have known and admired the way Sarah works for some years and I leapt at the chance of working with her. The 6 weeks programme following her I CAN Method™ has been an invaluable learning curve. It has made me dig deep and really look at various aspects of who I am, how I operate as a business woman and how, if I can learn to shift my mind set, I can open myself up to many more positive opportunities.


Sarah’s programme is very well-structured and is content-rich, while Sarah herself is a gifted and rigorous coach. I feel that she has really invested in my business and it has been a rewarding and very beneficial process for me personally and as a business owner.”

– Sarah Osmond, Sarah Osmond Interiors

Belief in me

“I joined the team at Simply Bows & Chair Covers Northumberland in 2015, this was a big step for me but Sarah gave me some good advice and lots of support. This was the best move I made and I have not looked back.


Thanks to Sarah’s guidance and time that she has invested in me, I feel stronger and more confident not only in my work but in life in general. I will contact Sarah and talk to her regarding certain situations and she is always there to listen and offer her expertise, she has been a great help to me and I am truly thankful to Sarah for her time, patience and belief in me.”

– Debbie Charlton Area Director, Simply Bows & Chair Covers, Northumberland

No hesitation

“Sarah was a friend first and foremost and I was most impressed by her professionalism when I approached her to help me with a turning point in my life’s path. Sarah is an extremely good listener and will look at projects from all angles and give help and advice from her perspective.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah as a mentor and indeed will be back in touch with her soon with regards to my next business venture”

– Katie Lindsay-Brown

Down to earth

“Sarah was asked to support the wedding product here. Right from the first meeting she was professional, personable and down to earth. She found out as much information as possible, including attending events to get a feel for our product first hand and give her the best insight.


To follow Sarah wrote a detailed report with some ‘quick wins’ and mid to long term proposals. Her business knowledge coupled with a practical mindset was just what we required. All in all a great exercise to help us move our business forward.”

– Ruairidh Taylor, Hotel Manager, Gisborough Hall Hotel

Heartfelt thank you

“I made the decision to sign up with Sarah as I had got the point that I was done with feeling the way I was. I remember saying to Sarah in our first session, ‘please don’t break me’. Little did I know I had no reason to worry. Not only did Sarah not break me, but she has helped me find a version of myself that I had only hoped existed.


I have become the person that now has self-belief, confidence and a strong can-do attitude. I have found the passion for my business that had started to fade due to a lack of confidence. I now feel ready to chase and achieve the dreams and goals that I once allowed myself to believe were not possible. All I can say is the most heartfelt thank you to Sarah, I cannot wait to continue working with you.”

– Gemma Hinze, Founder Moon Flower Events

Always there

At a crossroads in my life I was deciding if I was going to remain in employment or take the plunge and run my own business. After researching chair cover suppliers I discovered Simply Bows and Chair Covers and decided I needed to find out more, I contacted Sarah and arranged a meeting. I was so inspired by Sarah’s story, where she had been, what she had endured and the phenomenal success she made Simply Bows and Chair Covers I just knew I had to be a part of this great business model.


I have now been running my franchise for the last 4 years and I love it. Sarah is very supportive, knowledgeable and I know if I need advice she will always be there at the end of the phone. She has an insight that is unique and she is a truly inspirational lady.”

– Adele Green Area Director, Simply Bows & Chair Covers, South Wales

Brilliant example

“Although I strongly suspect you’d tell me that I needn’t have been in touch, I wanted to reiterate that if ever someone asks you for somebody they can contact or speak to by way of an endorsement of your services, please don’t forget me as I’ll happily be that someone.
I hope our paths cross again before too long because I think you’re a brilliant example to budding doubters like me and a flipping great individual too!


Whilst you’ll have far better things to do than read this, thanks again for the inspiration you are and always be aware that folks like me, who’ve had the good fortune to meet you, are better for it.”

– Alan Green, Corporate Photographer

Straight talking, no-nonsense

Sarah is amazing!! She listens, she understands, she empathises and then she gets you back on the straight and narrow. She makes you feel like anything is possible and all you need is to take action and make it happen. Sarah is a straight talking, no-nonsense coach who really has got your back and wants only the best for you. If you’re looking for a coach to help you get un-stuck out of a rut, Sarah is your lady!!

– Hollie Ellis, Brand Designer and Founder of Hollie Ellis Design

True entrepreneur

Sarah is a true entrepreneur and inspiration leader! Having known her for some years, she is incredibly hardworking and resilient, which is evident through her own life story and career journey. Sarah is very passionate about helping others and sharing her extensive knowledge and skills. She can motivate any individual or team, always fostering an environment of inclusiveness and creativity, whilst focusing on tangible results. I would highly recommend Sarah for her honest, no-nonsense and results-driven approach!

– Simon Clayton, Founder and Owner of Marketing Skills Academy

Experience and advice

“Having set up my business when I was 23, Sarah’s advice and experiences in the wedding industry were a vital part in the success of my Simply Bows and Chair Covers franchise. As a franchisor, Sarah has always been on the other end of the phone to help me with my dilemmas and pass on her experience and business advice…”

– Joanne Smith, Simply Bows and Chair Covers Lancashire

New purpose

I was introduced to Sarah in 2020 and signed up to her Formidable Over 40 business coaching course earlier this year. Having lost focus on where my businesses were going, Sarah’s I CAN Method™ has given me new purpose and put in place some business objectives to achieve in 2021. I have learnt so much about myself, my strengths and weaknesses, and what I can offer clients. While business transformation is never easy, having Sarah’s guidance and experience has been hugely beneficial.”

– Anna Rainbow, Founder and Owner of Anna Rainbow Photography and Springback PR


“Sarah is everything a successful entrepreneur should be, creative, tenacious with a clear vision on how to develop her business. She never ceases to impress me with her energy, attention to detail and most importantly, is always comfortable leading from the front with her hands on management style…”

– Nick Holmes, Former MD at Rockliffe Hall, Non Executive Director positions at Gisborough Hall, Swinton Estate and Ramside Hall

Regained control

“Dear Sarah, I am sorry it has taken so long to put something together but I hope you will now see that my life is very much in the fast lane seven days a week!


I did however receive my results for two more elements of my BHS Stage 5 exam today and am very relieved to have ticked those two off!


I would like to thank you for your recent help and support. I was at rock bottom and knew I needed to  approach someone from outside my circle to help me take stock and put things back into perspective.


You took “no shit” and helped me to regain control of my life.  I felt worthless and useless but your encouragement and support helped me to realise that I do have a worth. Many thanks.”

– Emma Hawksby, Emma Hawksby Equine


“Sarah Pittendrigh was a fantastic addition to our speaking roster at our small business initiative event, #SBS Small Business Sunday 2019. Sharing her journey on building up her business, as well as how to franchise a business, her session proved invaluable for our small business attendees and the feedback has been excellent! Thank you Sarah.”

– Jess Littlewood, #SBS Small Business Sunday, Theo Paphitis Retail Group

Very refreshing

“I follow Sarahs business page on social media and when she released her new The I CAN Method™ I jumped at the chance to use it. I love trying to better myself and set goals and this looked like it was going to help a lot- especially with everything changing so much in recent months.


Needless to say it did not disappoint. It is very refreshing to put pen to paper and look at things in black and white in front of you. This method has personally helped me so much with my fitness levels by seeing what I CAN do by overcoming the issues I thought I had and by taking some action. I have now used the same method to help me concentrate on my business. By breaking everything down into smaller sections it really makes a huge difference. Thank you so much Sarah and I genuinely now cannot wait to see my future 6 months down the line!

– Tracy Turner

Absolutely brilliant

“Each year I try something new to develop my learning – in previous years I have completed the Entrepreneurs’ Forum Scale Up Academy and Scale Up North East programme by RTC North. Last year I joined Vistage UK and this year I started 2021 with a 6 week coaching programme with Sarah Pittendrigh.


I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Sarah and there’s nothing like having a coach who really understands the unique complexities of being a female business owner. If you’re emerging from the pandemic a bit battered and bruised, exhausted and unsure as to what next (as I was) then I would really recommend a call with Sarah to see if this programme might help you. If anyone would like to hear more about my experience of the course please send me a message I’d be happy to share more about what I got from the programme.


And a huge thank you to you Sarah, it’s been absolutely brilliant and I feel like a different person!”

– Joanna Feeley, CEO Trend Bible

End to end methodology

“I truly believe that I found Sarah just when I needed her. I was looking for somebody to help me out of the ‘rut’ that I found myself in, not knowing where I was going in life, having been made redundant due to the Covid pandemic.


When I read Sarah’s story and the adversity that she had dealt with herself, I knew there was so much that I could relate to and Sarah was the person that I wanted to work with to help me. The I CAN Method™ is very powerful, it makes you think about every aspect of your life, even the dark moments that you thought you had locked away forever. What I have learned from Sarah is that you need to address these moments for you to move forward, and that is exactly what Sarah helps you with.


The four pillars of the I CAN Method™ means that you have a full end to end methodology. Sarah is personable, an inspiration and is somebody who has been there, done it and got the t-shirt. Sarah will help you with your personal and business goals and is somebody who will make sure YOU live your best life; the life you truly deserve.”

– Emma Chalkley

Totally different mindset

“I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Sarah and I can quite honestly say she has made a huge impact on me both personally and professionally. When I first started my coaching sessions I was feeling a little lost and struggling to make decisions.


Sarah took me through her ‘I Can’ Method™, which was quite an emotional journey but allowed me to re-focus and plan ahead. Sarah has taught me the importance of nurturing myself as well as my business. I now have a totally different mindset and my business is already benefitting.


Thank you Sarah for making me believe in myself again.”

– Debra Graham, Equishine Founder

Be honest with yourself

“I’m not used to being at a crossroads. I’ve always been pretty determined in the direction I was going. So when I found myself stood at the crossroads I was stuck.

Now I’m a Yorkshire lass through and through so ‘coaching’ was not for me. I mean I’ve read all the crap on LinkedIn and that was never going to be for me, until I started reading some of Sarah’s posts.

A lot of what she was saying was ringing huge bells with me so I reached out.

If you need a no bullshit sounding board who will make you be honest with yourself and hold up a mirror, Sarah is your girl!

I did the one day retreat, it was intense but it was just what I needed. I came away with options, clarity and a friend.

Couldn’t recommend her enough!”

– Emma White

The way ahead was clear

“I recently found myself at a crossroads in life in more ways than one, an opportunity to do something completely different with my career and follow a long held dream, my oldest son off to university and an impending milestone birthday, all of which left me feeling a bit at sea with a lot of pretty major decisions to make. I knew I needed to talk it all through with someone who both understood and could help with both the emotional and practical issues. A few years earlier I had been fortunate to cross professional paths with Sarah and knew a little of her backstory, and it just felt right to reach out to her.

I spent a day with her at her home, working through the emotions I was feeling and how they might be holding me back. It was like talking to a friend, but one who knew exactly what I was going through. She was warm, empathetic and didn’t let me dodge the things I know I would rather not confront. When I left that afternoon,

I felt mentally and physically lighter, like the fog had cleared and the way ahead was clear.

It really changed things around for me, and helped me focus on my priorities, all the while being more focussed on myself and my responses to challenge. I cannot recommend Sarah enough, and her ‘I can’ method will doubtless give others the tools to overcome whatever is in their way.

My heartfelt thanks go to Sarah, today my new business has launched and she had a very clear role in me getting to this point. If you are thinking of reaching out, do it, invest in yourself, you wont regret it.”

– Rebecca CoatesFounder Blue Bird Boutique

Life Improvements

“I honestly can’t thank you enough for how much better my life is now since working with you, i have a £million + business and i get to work on it not in it 2 days per week whilst spending time on myself 3 days per week, this then allows me the weekend to spend with my family. “

– Craig Smith CEO The Printed Bag Company

Life Changing

“I just found my notes this weekend from our first ever coaching call Sarah – it’s amazing how much my life and business have changed based on the back of it – all for the better! I can’t BELIEVE some of the stuff I was blindly doing! I will be forever grateful for you shining the spotlight ( gently and encouragingly!) on these things.”

– Joanna Feeley CEO & Founder Trend Bible

Getting Clarity

“I had a 2 hour breakthrough call with Sarah to clear my thoughts and streamline my actions to start a new project.

I was struggling to decide on the first steps and like a good consultant would do, Sarah instead of pointing out the what to do steps, instead asked me relevant and challenging questions, which encouraged me to consider the process and ultimately come to the conclusions and make the decision myself by the end of our call.

I highly recommend her services to anyone who is feeling stuck or needs clarity”

– Name withheld

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