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“Sarah was incredibly engaging and her personal experiences and message landed close to the  heart for many of the 400 people who attended the session.”

Inspirational female keynote speaker, available for talks, events, after dinner speeches across the UK. Sarah is a warm, passionate down to earth speaker.

Keynote Speaker

“My goal is to inspire people by sharing the lessons from my bumpy life and business journey and to encourage others to build and maintain a growth mindset.”

Inspirational Keynote Female Speaker

“I would have no hesitation recommending her or working with her again.”

Inspirational keynote speaker working across the UK and internationally

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I’m Sarah Pittendrigh, a proud mum, a multi-award winning entrepreneur and franchisor, Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust Women Supporting Women Campaign and Ambassador for Everywoman.


Like many others, life has thrown me some rather large curve balls, like losing a business in the recession of 2008, and cancer to name two.


Having experienced rock bottom, and yet fought my way back up to build a portfolio of successful businesses, I completely understand the pressure, the compromise and the time it takes to grow a business, often whilst bringing up and supporting a family at the same time. It can be draining and you can lose sight of who you are, your own identity and your original goals and ambitions may be lost on the journey.


I’m passionate about the following topics:

Bouncing back from adversity in life and business, having overcome cancer and bankruptcy.

Motivation and inspiration for teams.

How to develop a growth mindset in life and business, when the deck is stacked against you.

Confidence, entrepreneurship, goal setting, mindset, performance, resilience, teamwork, women in business.

Wellbeing and self care - how to build a healthy work-life balance.

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Inspirational Keynote Speaker Sarah Pittendrigh


Keynote Speaker

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“No hesitation”

“I had the pleasure of speaking to Sarah as part of our internal TT Electronics Leadership Webinar Series. Sarah was incredibly engaging and her personal experiences and message landed close to the heart for many of the 400 people who attended the session. She truly is an inspirational person and I would have no hesitation recommending her or working with her again.”

– Guy Cohen, VP Talent Management, TT Electronics Plc

UK Female Inspirational Keynote Speaker Sarah Pittendrigh