Life and Business Coaching

High Energy Breakthrough Call

This is a great opportunity to have the ear and support of a high performing entrepreneur, who has walked the walk and got the T shirt.


Why not use this time to get some advice or another perspective on a whirring thought, brainstorm an idea, seek help on a challenge you may be facing.


Its amazing how comforting it can be to share how you are feeling with an experienced ear, within a confidential environment, or to get some help to expedite results.


2 hours for you put me in the hot seat and enjoy a high energy brain storming session and conversation.

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On this 2 hour call, take the opportunity to lean on my extensive knowledge and experience harvested through the decades as a mum and serial entrepreneur. Put me in the hot seat and I will help you to accelerate through the challenge, allowing you to leave our call with clarity and confidence to positively move forward.


In 2 hours we can brainstorm together within a safe and confidential environment on video call.


Cost: £595

2 hour 121 video coaching call

Breakthrough a current challenge or opportunity you are facing

Put an end to any endless, exhausting, whirring and worrying thoughts

Use my hindsight as your foresight - put me in the driving seat of your problem to help you breakthrough.

Think out loud, brainstorm to generate ideas and be fully supported within an experienced, safe and confidential environment

Empowering Life and Business Reboot

Your Life & Business Reboot

A 6 month empowering life and business reboot, where you will be fully supported by my 20 years of hindsight as an entrepreneur.


The wisdom I have harvested over these years I will use to guide you over the 6 months of our time together through whatever challenges or ambitions you bring to my table.


My previous clients say when working with me it is like having a Board Director, experienced entrepreneur, trusted ally and friend in the wings backing you, and I like that. If you have watched the film Maleficent, I am here to return you to your wings and claim back your power!

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It is not the answers I will give you during our time together that will produce your “light bulb moments” but the questions I offer that will encourage you to come to your own conclusions. That is where the power lies – it is already within!

Programme Details

8 x High Energy, Fun and Empowering 121 x 2hr video coaching calls with me.

6 months of me in the wings, I have your back via WhatsApp and email support.

The wonderfully thought provoking The 'I CAN' Method Breakthrough Journal to use as your guide and inspiration.

In each of your coaching sessions with me I will encourage you to come to your own conclusions, not give you the answers and I will do this through the questions and exercises I offer within my proven The I CAN Method,

Cost: £6000.00

Empowering Life and Business Reset

8 Weeks Empowering Life & Business Reset

Short Sharp and Empowering Reset – Feeling stuck is so frustrating and can ultimately cost you in time, energy, money and most importantly your peace of mind.


During your 8 weeks with me, you can lean on my wisdom and 20 years of hindsight where I will share the lessons I learned to overcome huge adversity to create life changing opportunity in both my personal life and business.


Through my own experience I am armed with questions and exercises that will encourage you to think on a broader and deeper level, these questions will be your breakthrough as your light bulb moments start to unfold and you come to your own conclusions.


I am the ally and guide, here to help you get back into your “Maleficents Wings”  and claim back your power! (Watch the film, its fab!). I am armed with the experience of not only losing a 7 figure business, but more importantly how to turn those lessons into my super power to become the multi award winning entrepreneur you see today, thats the wisdom I will share to empower you and your business.

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It is not the answers I will give you that will create those life changing light bulb moments for you, but the questions I will ask. The power is within – you have the power, I am here to help you tap into it and use it to design the life and business you deserve. You  will come to your own conclusions and that is empowering.

Programme Details

4 high energy, fun and empowering 121 x 2hr video coaching calls with me.

8 weeks of me in the wings, supporting you and guiding you via WhatsApp and email

Your empowering The 'I CAN' Breakthrough Journal to use as your guide, encouraging you with thought provoking questions and exercises for you to be inspired and to reflect with at your leisure.

During each coaching session with me you can have the comfort of knowing you are in the safe hands of an experienced entrepreneur, ally and guide, who not only has the hindsight, but empathy and understanding to support you.

Cost: £2,400.00