Life is too short to stay stuck! You are never too old and it is never too late to realise your goals and ambitions.

Introducing The I CAN Method™, Coaching Methodology


The I CAN Method is a route map, a shining light to guide you through the fog of overwhelm.


This guide is the result of the questions and exercises I challenged myself with when trying to recover from bankruptcy and save my home from repossession.


I did save my home and created the life of my dreams. The space and time those questions and exercises gave me to unravel and think on a more considered and deeper level were the difference of losing my home to becoming a multi 7 figure entrepreneur and 6 figure investor.


I found the key for me was removing some deep roots and reframing situations that had compromised my self worth. Self worth is your superpower, you can’t put a price on it. Taking time out to re connect with our superpowers is so important. You are a someone, not just a someone’s!


I have now formulated those questions into what I have called The I CAN Method and created both coaching programmes and a breakthrough journal to share with you so you can claim the goals that are most meaningful to you.


The I CAN Method is packed full of the those well thought out exercises and questions that I curated in my hour of need.


The 4 different stages are purposefully designed to get you to think in a structured way.


Section 1 – Ignite


Firstly it is all about you – How do you feel? You are the founder, the base layer, your energy and strength is key.


Time to run a scan to ensure there are no self limiting blocks or roots that can get in the way of your progress. If there are, this is the place to remove them and do the work to reframe them so they don’t trip you up in the future.


Section 2 – Clarify


Time to consider what you want? What you don’t want? What you have and need to get your goal over the line. I will run a SWOT analysis on you and one on the goal/challenge you wish to breakthrough.


Lots of thought provoking questions to really get you thinking on a deeper and broader level. Exercises to produce those aha moments!


Section 3 – Action


You now know what you want, so how are you going to get it?


Here we make it easy for you to achieve by breaking the big and exciting goal down into tiny chunks.


Lots of small steps. Think jigsaw puzzle, the picture on the front of the box is the big goal, the small pieces join together to make it happen. With my support you start joining them up.


Section 4 – Nurture


How to protect your wellbeing and the energy required to get the goal over the line. I have packed this section full of my hints and tips generated from years of experience. Tick boxes to remind you to keep YOU on the top of your to do list.


I have 2 signature one to one coaching programmes for you to choose from. An 8 week empowering reset for you and your business and a complete 6 month Life and Business Reboot. Both receiving fantastic reviews from my clients.


The 8 week reset is short and sharp, a fantastic opportunity to stop faffing about trying to re invent the wheel on your own, whilst burning out. Bring your challenge to my table and lean on my extensive experience to expedite the execution of your goal.


The 6 months reboot is a wonderful programme to really get into clearing any weeds in your foundation, then adding in the necessary strength to take the future weight of your goal and then we get cracking building it out. You leave armed with a solid plan built on a solid foundation – YOU!


The environment I provide is in the strictest of confidence and your authority will not be compromised.


 The I CAN Method turning your “I Can’t” into “I CAN!

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