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The I CAN Method – how to turn your “I CAN’T” into “I CAN.”

You are never too old and it is never too late to design a life you love!

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As a mum and multi award winning entrepreneur, I completely understand the complexities of running and building a business – the loneliness, anxiety and self-doubt, the expectation, the amount of energy required, often alongside juggling outside pressure from your personal life.  I also understands that when you hit midlife, it can raise uncomfortable questions about your purpose and your why? You can face a cross-roads and feel stuck in a rut. Who understands? Who can you turn to without compromising the authority you have built over the years?


A multiple founder, franchisor, CEO, published author of “The I Can Method” and podcast host at Formidable Over Forty, I have walked the talk – ridden the rollercoaster! I am  now paying forward my hindsight for you to use as your foresight as a straight talking womens life and business coach. I combine the two as  I believe as a Founder/CEO/Business Owner,  your personal life and your professional life both need to support each other hand in glove if you are to achieve your goals without overwhelm and burn out.


I have created  a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space for you to bring your challenges to my table and lean on my 25 years experience as a high performing entrepreneur to help you breakthrough and realise your meaningful goals. I will share with you my go to “The I CAN Method” that I have used as the foundation to transform my own life from the depths of bankruptcy, to enjoying the success I have achieved to date.


I enjoy speaking at live events and conferences across the UK, and beyond via video call. If you’re looking for a warm, entertaining and honest female inspirational keynote speaker and mentor  with an incredible story to share, click here to learn more about me.


As an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust Women Supporting Women and an ambassador for Every Woman, I am very passionate about helping people realise their full potential. I  believe you are never too old and it is never too late to design a life you love. If you are looking for a womens life coach, please take the time to learn more or get in touch.

How I turned my “I CAN’T” into “I CAN”…

From breaking down to breaking through:

At 38, I became a bankrupt single mum on income support, after being a Board Director of a seven figure business which closed in the recession of 2008. With my home claimed in the bankruptcy I had no time for wound licking, I needed to act fast:


“I felt like my life had ended when our business closed in 2008. With my home about to be repossessed and my son and I to be evicted, I had no choice but to get up and get on. I had to reframe what had happened, remove the emotion and focus on a strategy to redesign our life. I took the painful lessons, used them for the good and regained control of my life at 40!


I went from income support in 2008 to becoming the founder of “Britain’s Most Promising Business 2012”, awarded by British Chambers of Commerce. The company I founded is called Simply Bows and Chair Covers, a business I started on a small business government grant and now franchised to 11 UK offices. I have gone on to develop luxury property, become an international keynote speaker, a life and business coach to female founders, business owners and executives, and best selling published author of The I CAN Method and Podcast Host of Formidable Over Forty.


My intention is to allow you to be heard and feel safe sharing how you feel and what life and business is like “behind the scenes” I am here to help you identify and remove any self limiting roots, to support you and encourage you to breakthrough your challenges so you can remove the fog of overwhelm and see a clear path to pushing your most meaningful goals over the line”


Press play to hear me share my story and learn about the powerful method that took me from ‘breaking down to breaking through’.

Like many others, life has thrown me some rather large curve balls, losing a business of which I was a share holder and cancer to name but two…”

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The ‘I Can’ Method – Published book available online!

“I’m very excited to be writing my book with Eleanor Mills, a former editor of The Sunday Times and The Sunday Times magazine, which tells the story from breaking down to breaking through, my journey from bankrupt single mum to multi-award winning entrepreneur.”

– Sarah Pittendrigh

Sarah Pittendrigh Author - Book coming soon