From bankrupt mum to seven figure business owner inspirational speaker North East

From Broke Single Mum to Seven Figure Business Founder

You are never too old and it’s never too late to design a life you love.

[I have created a new inspirational video – link in bio above ?? to my YouTube channel]

My life began at 40!

For years I had felt like a square peg in a round hole.

Followed a career path I didn’t enjoy because I thought it was the “right thing to do.

Took too much crap, definitely should have told more people to F Off!

So at 38 when I was left a bankrupt single mum on income support after losing a 7 figure business where I was a partner, this was the opportunity to create a future from the ashes and design a life I would love on my terms.

I had nothing to lose.

I have shared my story in a video, link in bio ?? of how I transformed my life.

The method I created from my dining room table that I used to stop the whirring thoughts, dig out any self limiting roots, seek clarity, create a plan that would see me action and realise my ambitious goals.

The #icanmethod to this day is my go to strategy for personal and business growth.

?How I reclaimed my house just before it was sent to auction by the bank.

?How I built a 6 figure business @simplybowsandchaircoversuk from a small government grant.

?How I franchised @simplybowsandchaircoversuk and became a multi award winning entrepreneur within 4 years.

❤️‍?How I twice was diagnosed with malignant melanoma just as my business was taking off.

?How I remarried my ex husband and together we transformed his underperforming farm into a multi million pound luxury development of barn style family homes which we sold. @bradleyhallfarmdevelopment

?How I am now an inspirational speaker and Breakthrough Coach, mentoring CEOs, Business Owners and Equestrians who want to breakthrough to the next level – who want to realise the potential they feel, but haven’t yet actioned.

?I want to inspire you, I know what it feels like to be stuck, feeling as if you are sat on the sidelines while the world races ahead.

If I CAN you CAN!