William Eventing

Career Choices …!

Today is a very proud day for my family. My son (William Pittendrigh Equestrian on Facebook) starts his own business, as a Riding Instructor/Coach to both horse and rider.

We have just returned from the British Show Pony Championships, where he won The Gold Cup and the Premier Division in his section. He is 19 and his horse 6.

William did not go to university. He got his GCSEs and went off to Equestrian College where he finished an extended diploma in Horse Management, gaining a distinction star and star pupil awards.

We could have pushed William into university, but we chose to allow him to follow his passion, horses.

Our belief is that if you can find something you love and you are able to earn a comfortable living, you will never work a day in your life.

I witness huge peer pressure and expectation put on families.

In my experience, my career advisor at school said the best I could hope for was to be a secretary, so off I was sent to do an HND in Administration. I couldn’t have hated it more. No one ever took the time to brainstorm what I really might enjoy.

I’m a creative, and knowing what I know now, I would most probably have been an interior designer.

The majority of people who come to me for one to one career life coaching are people who dislike their job and only followed that career path because it was expected of them.

Is it better to live comfortably or exist in luxury?

William Eventing