013 Formidable Over Forty: The ‘I CAN’ Method with Sarah Pittendrigh

Host Sarah Pittendrigh is back to launch series two of the Formidable Over Forty podcast!In episode one, Sarah is interviewed by Sophie Milliken MBE about her new book, The ‘I CAN’ method.

Sarah shares why she created the book, the journey of writing, and how she hopes it can help others.The ‘I CAN’ method is a raw and honest memoir where Sarah retraced her steps right back to childhood to understand how she ended up with agoraphobia and deep-rooted self-limiting beliefs.On the podcast, Sarah shares the story of the book – how she worked through these self-limiting beliefs to see the light and move forward to design she loves.Formidable Over Forty. You’re never too old and it’s never too late to design a life you love.…Get your copy of The ‘I CAN’ Method: sarahpittendrigh.com/bookConnect with Sarah: linkedin.com/in/sarahpittendrigh