011 Formidable Over Forty: Following Your Intuition with Annabel Beeforth

In episode 11 of the Formidable Over Forty podcast, host Sarah Pittendrigh is joined by Annabel Beeforth. Annabel is a leading digital publisher in the wedding industry and founder of Love My Dress, an online platform for weddings that is one of the world’s most popular wedding blogs and directories.

In this episode, Annabel opens up about her journey to sobriety, tips to help prioritise your own health and wellbeing, and why following your intuition is key to making progress. You’ll hear how Annabel inspires others to live authentic lives, after overcoming challenges to find magic wherever she can.

Formidable Over Forty. You’re never too old and it’s never too late to design a life you love.

Love My Dress: lovemydress.net

What About Weddings: whataboutweddings.co.uk/news