003 Formidable Over Forty Podcast: Reclaiming Your Narrative with Eleanor Mills

In this episode of the Formidable Over Forty podcast, Sarah Pittendrigh is joined by Eleanor Mills. Eleanor is a journalist, editor and founder of Noon – a unique platform connecting brands with women in midlife.

Eleanor’s journey includes being Editorial Director of The Sunday Times, editor of The Sunday Times Magazine, and Chair of Women in Journalism. She has now founded Noon, a community which is empowering women to embrace midlife, with brands and experts sharing advice to help people make the right choices. Eleanor is passionate about changing the narrative around the latter stages of women’s lives, embracing age diversity, and reframing midlife as the age of opportunity and transformation. In this podcast, she shares just the encouragement you need to reclaim your narrative. Formidable over Forty. You’re never too old, and it’s never too late to design a life you love. Find out more about Noon: https://www.noon.org.uk/