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121 Executive Coach Packages with Sarah

Breakthrough 121 Mindset Coaching Programmes for business owners and executives

121 Mindset Coaching Programme

My 121 mindset coaching programme is designed to help business owners and executives maintain or reclaim their growth mindset and deliver their most ambitious and meaningful goals.


At £2,400, or three payments of £800, this is an 8 week programme that follows my unique system for achieving big and meaningful goals – The I Can Method™.


At 38 I was a bankrupt single mum on income support, having lost a 7-figure business which I was a partner in 2008.


It is my rocky journey of transformation from hardship back to becoming a multi award winning multiple founder, coupled with two life threatening cancer diagnosis, that has taught me the most valuable lessons in life and business, the most prevalent, the power in maintaining a growth mindset and this is what I want to teach you.


I have packaged up my powerful hindsight into an empowering mentoring programme. Click below to book a complimentary discovery call to see if this is a good fit for you.

Fireside chat, with Sarah Pittendrigh

Bankrupt To Seven Figure Business Founder

“Like many others, life has thrown me some rather large curve balls, losing a  business of which I was a share holder and cancer to name but two…”


At 38, Sarah found herself a bankrupt single mum on income support, having lost a seven figure business in the recession of 2008. With her home about to be repossessed Sarah made a plan:


“I thought my life had ended when our business closed in 2008. With my home about to be repossessed and me and my son about to be thrown out, I had no choice but to act. I rethought the way I looked at everything and I redesigned my life. I took control at 40!”

Press play to hear Sarah’s incredible story from bankruptcy to a seven figure business portfolio.

Life is too short to stay stuck! You are never too old and it is never too late to realise your goals and ambitions.

Introducing The I CAN Method™


The I CAN Method™ is the result of many hours of scribbling spider charts at my dining room table where I was planning a way to break free from my self-limiting beliefs, build a growth mindset, get off income support and save my home from being repossessed.



Igniting the process, your opportunity to release the pressure valve and express how you are really feeling within a confidential environment. Reflect, Step back, look at the landscape. What is your why? Is there something holding you back? Ignite your purpose?



Together we will brainstorm using a SWOT analysis, completing one on you and one on your business/goal. I will offer thought provoking questions to encourage you to think on a deeper and broader level. We will identify your key strengths and areas where you need some support or outside assistance to realise your goal.



You will create a strategic plan following a success ladder of small steps to help you deliver your desired goal in a timely manner and without causing overwhelm. The aim is for the small goals to bring the big goal to you!



Create a step by step accountability list to follow, so you can nurture the process, which includes nurturing your business/ goal, yourself and your own inner wellbeing to ensure you stay on track, in a position of strength.


I now share this powerful and yet straightforward method with business owners and executives to help them reclaim and realise their big ambitious goals, to get back into a “growth mindset” when pressure and expectation has chipped away at their confidence, passion and excitement and I would love to support you.

Executive 121 Coaching

How does the executive coaching programme work?

8 weeks of 121 executive coaching with a highly experienced multiple 6 & 7 figure founder, award winning entrepreneur and franchisor who has walked the walk and totally understands the complexities of running a business.


Week 1 – Ignite – 2 hours 121 with me

Week 2 – Ignite – 2 hours self study

Week 3 – Clarify – 2 hours 121 with me

Week 4 – Clarify – 2 hours self study

Week 5 – Action – 2 hours 121 with me

Week 6 – Action – 2 hours self study

Week 7 – Nurture – 2 hours 121 with me

Week 8 – Nurture – 2 hours self study


You will be supported by The I CAN Method™ guide and email / WhatsApp access to me throughout your 8 weeks in the programme and, in case of an emergency, you can have a phone call.

What’s the investment?

3 instalments of £800 (total £2400).


First instalment: upon booking your place.


Second instalment: 7 days prior to starting the programme. Third and final instalment: 7 days before week 4.


Spend valuable time with a serial entrepreneur to save you making mistakes, time and to help you break through restrictive challenges.


I also offer individual accountability and mentoring sessions 121 over video call for 90 minutes. These are £295 per session.

Executive coaching programme

“Paid Dividends”

“If like me you feel like your life is one big hamster wheel and there is no way of stopping to enjoy the better things in life, then I would highly recommend speaking to Sarah.


I was fortunate to come across Sarah just at the right time and so pleased that I did. Not only has being coached by Sarah changed my life by showing me how to enjoy more time, but has also paid dividends (quite literally).”

– Craig Smith – CEO The Printed Bag Shop

Sarah Pittendrigh Horse Lover

Working with Sarah Pittendrigh

Executive one to one coaching programme



Confidential 121 executive and group coaching programmes for business owners and executives.

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Do the work at your own pace with The I CAN Method™ PDF guide and audio programme.

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