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Formidable Over Forty: The 9-page downloadable breakthrough guide

Life & Business Breakthrough Guide

From backing down to breaking through – how overwhelmed business-women juggling it all can go from feeling out of control in their personal and business life, to rediscovering freedom of time whilst hitting their big financial goals! Your next breakthrough is hiding behind these 3 self-limiting actions that you must acknowledge, face and then disconnect from as a business woman who wants more. The 3 hidden mindset shifts to breakthrough your self-limiting actions.


You’ll learn:


Why it’s so important to invest in yourself;


How to take control, build confidence and do what you were meant to do on this planet; and,


The counter intuitive way to empty your head from the residual debris from decades in the field of life and business, to create the necessary space for growth….. this totally surprises my 1-1 clients.


There is work to do so…Hit download for free and we’ll begin.

“I have spent so many years putting everyone else’s needs before my own and now I am 51 and have no idea what I want out of my life. Is it too late?”

Breaking through in midlife

I wrote this life and business breakthrough guide after working with a number of my one to one coaching clients – female entrepreneurs looking for more in midlife.


I had found they had suffered from imposter syndrome and the feeling of reaching a crossroads post 40 years old. In truth, they realised time had passed them by whilst juggling their business and personal life over the latter years. This was dramatically compounded by the uncertainty that rose as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic.


During those phone calls and reflecting on other calls I have had with clients over the last few years, opposite are 5 common themes I saw time and time again.


I’ve typed them up in the guide, and shared with you what it’s going to take to overcome those challenges and breakthrough to your next level of success.

I was lost, lonely and realised that at 48 I had more years behind me than in front of me and I really needed to sort myself out.

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Executive business coach Sarah Pittendrigh

What’s inside?

Boundaries and Time Management: Breakthrough 1 – Finding the balance between your home and business life. How to stop the juggling, the feelings of guilt and pressure, how to create more time for YOU!


Disconnecting from the Imposter: Breakthrough 2 – Why you might need to dig out, remove and let go of a nagging self-limiting root, before you can move forward with your future goals and ambitions!


Creating Space to work “on” you and your business and not just “in” it! Breakthrough 3 – Busting the myth that you have to be sat at your desk to be working “in” your business. How to create the space required for inspiration and strategic growth thinking.


It really is a jam-packed guide. It’s what I want my clients to remember when mapping out their long-term goals. I want you to know that it is possible to have it all, but you have to put you on the priority list!