Life and Business Coaching

Breakthrough Call

If you have a challenge you’re trying to breakthrough and you’re sat feeling alone with your whirring thoughts for company, or you may be feeling stuck and frustrated not sure which way to turn? Then this is an opportunity for you to lean on Sarah’s extensive knowledge and experience. Put Sarah in the hot seat to help you find the answers you have been searching for.


In 90 minutes we can brainstorm together, in a safe and confidential environment on video call.

90 minute 121 video coaching call

Breakthrough a major challenge you're facing

Put an end to the whirring thoughts

Use my hindsight as your foresight - put me in the driving seat of your problem

Think out loud and generate ideas in a safe and confidential environment

121 Life & Business Breakthrough

Time waits for nobody so why waste it staying stuck?  I’m here to show you how to step into your power and become Formidable Over Forty in both your life and your business.


A 7 figure entrepreneur and multiple founder, I will share with you my empowering 4 step method that I created when navigating through bankruptcy when my co Directors and I lost a business, and that has been instrumental in me becoming a multi award winning entrepreneur, founder, author, podcast host, but more importantly designing a life where I now enjoy financial freedom and freedom of time.


Put yourself at the top of your to do list – You are never too old and it is never too late to create a life you love!


The I CAN Method is a success ladder of 4 empowering steps, each step  designed to help you turn your  fixed mindset of  “I can’t” into a growth mindset of “I CAN” by using carefully selected questions that I have set out to encourage you to take a step back, unravel your thoughts and to help you think on a deeper and broader level.  Upon completion of our time together you will leave armed with clarity, a new found focus, confidence and a strategic plan that will help you push those meaningful goals over the line.


Work with me and in 8 weeks we will reignite you passion and your purpose – many of my previous clients have quoted “life changing” Read their testimonials here.


An investment in yourself and a meaningful future is 16 hours of time and £1,800.00

8 weeks of 121 coaching with a highly experienced multiple 6 & 7 figure founder. (Four weeks 121 time and four weeks of reflective / implementation work.)

Step 1. Ignite - How are you feeling? Your business performance is often a reflection of how you feel? Are you stuck, at a crossroads? Lean on me and my wealth of experience. Together we will brainstorm!

Step 2. Clarify - Gathering resources. What have you got, and what do you need to get you to that goal? When do you want to be there by? We will discover using my well thought out questions to help you think on a broader level.

Step 3. Action - Together we will create a strategic plan of small steps that will bring your goal gently to you. No overwhelm, no burnout, no procrastination only results within the time-frame you desire.

Step 4. Nurture - A checklist for you and your business to keep you energised, because energy creates motivation, motivation creates inspiration and inspiration leads to innovation and growth.

This is an opportunity for you to speak freely within a confidential and safe environment and share how you really feel. An opportunity to off load and release the pressure valve knowing I am here to support you. I have your back! I am a mum and a highly experienced entrepreneur, I completely understand the complexities of running a business. Lean on me and my wealth of experience to help you breakthrough and realise the life you deserve.

Group Coaching

8 weeks (16 hours) of your time to work within a small group of likeminded peers where you will bring your challenge to Sarah’s table and in return receive inspirational coaching from a highly experienced multiple 6 & 7 figure founder, award winning entrepreneur who has overcome adversity, walked the walk, juggled the juggle and now has so much hindsight and knowledge to share that will help you to accelerate towards your goal. The group environment brings a positive connection through common experiences and increased motivation through high energy conversation and the need for accountability.


An investment in yourself and a meaningful future is 16 hours of time and £595.00.

8 weeks (16 hours of time) with a highly experienced multiple 6 & 7 figure founder - Working within a confidential group of likeminded people at your level.

Supported by The I CAN Method™ - reframe your mindset from I can’t to I CAN.

Email / WhatsApp access to Sarah throughout your 8 weeks in the programme

Create space for big picture thinking. I will encourage you to think on a deeper and broader level with a range of well thought out questions.

Identify and remove deep self limiting roots that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

Help you get off the whirring wheel when you are overwhelmed with the juggle and complexities running a business can bring.